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Giving your little ones space to think and learn about God, have a ridiculously fun time and an opportunity to make valuable friendships.


The children who attend The Vine are an integral part of the church. Each Sunday your children will have a fun-filled time in a safe environment with supervision while you relax and enjoy a life changing message. We teach our children about living exciting lives of purpose using the Bible as our life manual. We teach using games, audiovisual materials and interactive activities including prayer and worship.


  • Star Gang: Age 1 and 2
  • Sunbeam Gang: Age 3 and pre-school
  • Rainbow Gang: Primary 1 to 3
  • Lighthouse Gang: Primary 4 to 7


Vine Tots


Vine Tots is a group for pre-school children and their parents or carers.  We meet term times on Thursday mornings 10 till 11.30.


We provide a much needed venue for the children to play and learn, in a safe and friendly environment, while the adults enjoy teas, coffees and cake and the opportunity to chat to others.


We differ from other pre-school groups in that we have a 15 minute session of “See and Know” which conveys God’s love and biblical values through songs and actions and in a simple child friendly way!


We do crafts with them too which always ties in with whatever our theme for "See and Know" is for that week. We consider it a privilege that in an age where God is often left out of school and nursery education, that we are able to sow seeds in these enquiring young minds.


Parents, grandparents and child minders all bring their children along and it has always been a very popular group.


Many times carers have expressed how much the group means to them and the only complaint we’ve ever heard is that we don’t meet during the school holidays!


We would welcome assistance either on a regular, weekly basis or occasionally if someone was not able to give that commitment.  If you would like to help with Vine Tots, either on a regular or occasional basis then you can speak to Pam Donnelly or Claire Fisher or contact the Vine Church Office.


We believe church is for everyone.  It should be fun, exciting and relevant. We have no wish to be about mere religion or a specific denomination. We want to introduce people to the adventure that faith in Christ can bring, and then challenge and encourage them to live a life of significance.

The Vine Church

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