We have a vision of thriving people, churches, cities and nations. This means we see them
flourishing, prospering, growing and developing vigorously.

We have a vision of a thriving worshiping people who enjoy life with their God and have
a burning desire is to make Him famous. They are blessed and healthy in body, mind and
spirit.  Babies and plants need the right environment and nutrients to thrive and we believe
healthy relationships are the good soil where nurture and healthy growth comes from. Not
only are nutrients essential for health but so is the absence of toxic and unhealthy
substances. So we will ensure our people are nurtured in the good soil of healthy
relationships and growing strong with a healthy diet and regular detox. We see each person
living (like Jesus) in a healthy and vibrant restored relationship with God, self, others and
creation.  We will ensure each person has a family and Personal Trainer who is a friend
coaching and inspiring them in these four vital relationships which are they key to a flourishing
life.  The fruit that is birthed will lead to thriving marriages, families, friendships and businesses.

Each person will be released into their full leadership potential who bless and
serve others.  We see a people with vibrant relationships who view their work not as a toil to be endured
but who view their work as their purpose to bring beauty and flourishing to the world.  Our
people enjoy their work and see it as a significant part of their purpose and calling to
influence the arts and entertainment, media, government, education, sport and business
leading to city transformation.  Through influence we see these people impacting their
workplaces with peace, joy, order and success.

Blessing and joy is found in the home and in a healthy family. We believe every person in
Dunfermline is invited to come home and enjoy the peace, security, hope and joy of being at
home with Father.   Every life was made in the likeness of God and has incredible purpose
and we want to help people rediscover their original purpose in this world.   And we believe
this invitation starts with love and kindness and compassion.  Our people love Dunfermline
and are prayer warriors for the city and its people for its success and welfare.  Our people
have a heart for all people especially the poor, broken, hurting and needy.  Like Jesus they are
known as a people who eat and drink with the people of the city in order to listen to them and
to serve them.  We see Dunfermline filled and saturated with people who are loving and
serving the needs of the city practically. Our people spray the fragrant “good news” aroma
all across the city to bring God’s kindness, power and transforming message.  Our
people are fluent in the “good news” and confident to share their story at every opportunity.
And our people see the needs of our city and are meeting those needs by serving the city in

This vision of people and city transformation is not just for the city of Dunfermline but we see
it spreading to other cities across Scotland, Europe and the world. By 2025 the Vine
Church will meet in 5 locations impacting 5 cities.

Sunday Services

Lots of people attend church here every Sunday. We meet at 11am with tea and coffee available from about 10:30am in the foyer.


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