The Gift of Imagination

Incredible “imagination” story by Elma Dowds.

“That chapter reminds me how God spoke to me and used my imagination on one occasion.

I was about 30 and having a conversation with God saying I felt I missed out on my childhood as always felt fear,anxious and over responsibility.

I remember God said I’m going to give you it back, what would you have liked?

I said to sit on a swing and my dad to push me higher and higher. 

He said; “ok sit on the swing and I will push you.”

In my imagination I sat on that swing and Jesus pushed me and I said “higher and higher”

I saw how he was smiling and God my father was pushing me. I was throwing my head back letting my hair blow in the wind.

From that day on i never felt i missed out on my childhood. When i first went to Justin&Nickys house at Bonnyton many years later they had a swing attached to a tree. I sat on that swing and remembered my encounter and thanked God for that amazing experience ,all in my imagination .”


By Elma Dowds