Vine News w/c 24/02/20

Vine News w/c 24/02/20

Jason Strathdee – Church 101

It was a pleasure to have Jason from Hillsong Edinburgh with us on Sunday.
Listen to his message now.

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Peter Anderson Guest Speaker
Sunday 1st March

We are delighted to welcome Peter Anderson back to the Vine Church.

Peter is the Senior Pastor of Destiny Church Edinburgh. He is married to Angie and they have 2 children.

Peter and Angie started DCE in their living room in 1998. Today, DCE runs 6 services each Sunday from 5 separate locations in Edinburgh and has a vision to launch new ones in Edinburgh and in the surrounding area in the next couple of years.

Peter is passionate about teaching the Bible in a relevant way for our culture. He is also passionately committed to training, sending out and supporting church planters around the world.

Lift Dunfermline

This is an event of Message Scotland in partnership with the local church.

For more than 25 years, The Message has been working in schools across the UK to help young people explore life, faith and positive values. We’re a Christian charity working in partnership with churches and youth organisations in your area.

Along with visiting a number of schools in your area we’re also putting on an exciting evening concert where our bands will perform and talk about the impact their faith has had on their lives. These events are organised solely by The Message Trust Scotland.

If you would like any further information about the LIFT event please email

Performing artists:
-Galactus Jack
-Triple O
-DJ Genesis

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Dear Church, we are overwhelmed by your love and responses for the upcoming LIFT event. We believe God is changing the generation of teens in Dunfermline. Scotland really is a mission field. Less than 7% of people go to the church in Scotland and this is why we need to step out in faith. God will open the floodgates of heaven, and I see this starting in our church because of your faith and commitment to this event. Compared to last year we  have over 60 volunteers! And the majority is from the Vine! People are making food, are in security, ticketing, praying, response or other teams. Also I know there are a lot of people gave a donation towards the event. This tells me that The Vine Church is an amazing family with a deep hunger for reaching the lost for Jesus Christ. On Sunday evening we have a worship night where we want to pray over the rooftops of the building and ask for a blessing over the project. Please come, pray and worship with us!  

A huge thank you from Alko & Miriam” 

20:80 Table Challenge

We are looking for 20 generous people who will buy a round table for £80.
And 20 people who will buy a round white tablecloth for £10.

Services like Easter and the Burns night ceilidh are so important to the Vine Church. These services are a great way to bless our community and be a blessing in our community. Some people in our city would never come to a normal Sunday service but will come to one of our special events.

And round tables are just wonderful to help people communicate, relax and eat together. So much of Jesus’ ministry was round a table.

We can hire in 20 round tables and covers but the hiring costs us £381 per occasion. We can use our own rectangular tables but the round tables create such a warm and special atmosphere that we are launching this appeal.

Could you help?

Find more info and donate at this link.

Thank you so much to those who have already donated, we are so grateful for your generosity.

God’s Words – by Clara Dowds

I was in my bedroom on Holiday that I shared with Kate and Levi. There wasn’t a TV so we put a laptop in our room that could play DVDs for Levi; Doc McStuffin was on. I was the only one in the room and I was doing my makeup as it was playing; I could hear the programme as I was getting ready…

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Worship Night – Sunday 8th March 6-7:30pm

Our worship nights are back for 2020!

An opportunity to breakthrough a ceiling with new sounds, freedom and an earnest heart cry, that won’t back down ’til the blessing comes.

Come hungry for God and ready to raise the roof in worship with your Vine family.

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Follow The Fire – Thursday 19th – Saturday 21st March

We’re living in highly complex times. It’s not easy to flourish and be fruitful in moments like this. Yet that is what the Lord is calling us to do; to be people who draw from the deep wells of God’s love and mercy, and then burn brightly for him in every sphere and every place throughout the nation and beyond.

How do we stay on the narrow path that leads to life?

We follow the fire.

We engage ourselves with what God is already doing. We bless what God is blessing. We say what God is saying. He leads. We follow. Through dusty deserts and starless nights, we follow the fire.

More details and sign up


  • People currently carrying leadership responsibility within their work or church life.
  • Those sensing God’s call to any form of leadership in any area of life.
  • Anyone else who would like to come.
  • We welcome Christians from all church streams and denominations.

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God is on the move now!

Please pray for the schools, for the youth, for the volunteers, for the artists and for salvation and for the wonderful leadership of Alko and Miriam ❤️

Check out the video below 😮

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“Volf argues that “exclusion” of people who are alien or different is among the most intractable problems in the world today. He writes, “It may not be too much to claim that the future of our world will depend on how we deal with identity and difference. The issue is urgent. The ghettos and battlefields throughout the world–in the living rooms, in inner cities, or on the mountain ranges–testify indisputably to its importance…”

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Pioneer Prayer – 24th March

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Adorn – 25th March

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Connect Sunday – 19th April

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Fight Club 59 – 23rd April

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In Quick Shots, cold-case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace offers brief answers to common objections to the Christian worldview.

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It’s one thing to know Scripture—it’s another thing to live it out. As leaders we know the two greatest commandments by heart: Love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and love our neighbors as ourselves.

In a time when our world is skeptical and even fearful of the people around us, how can we help people truly love their neighbors as Scripture commands us to?

In the new series 12 Neighbors, people share their experiences and unique insights that will help you think differently about what it means to love others and inspire change in your community. You’ll also learn five practical ways to implement their relational advice to love your neighbors.

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